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Aqui una guia molt bona del marlin i que explica que ve del GRBL, així que es configurarà com el GRBL, que suporta mes tipus de moviments d'eixos deltes, corexy, scara… targetes…

https://www.staticboards.es/blog/marlin-instalacion-configuracion/. Per si de cas en pdf

Encar que hi ha Marlin configurator, que facilita la configuració del configuration.h


!!! First read the whole text, then think about it before you start !!!

First of all be careful with updating (common advice) if you had Skynet3D or another Marlin release on the controller:

Updates of Marlin or Skynet3D firmware sometimes implement new EEPROM data structures, that means the stored data is not transferred to the new release. Instead the defaults from the new firmware will become effective (from Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h). Resetting to default values can be done via the display and changing and storing can afterwards be done as usual. Before you update, get the actual settings with “M503 S” (readable detailed output of active values from EEPROM) and copy and store them to be able to rewrite them after the update.

A version mismatch can lead to an error message like this:

EEPROM version mismatch (EEPROM=V38 Marlin=V39)
Hardcoded Default Settings Loaded

This warning is cleared when you reset the EEPROM data via the LCD.

In the rare case that you (rather unlikely but not competely impossible) overwrite the bootloader you need to rewrite that with an ISP programmer (available for a few $ from ebay). In that case you could as well program the optimized Optiboot bootloader in order to gain a few kb compared to the standard Anet bootloader for additional Marlin features. The Atmega1284p of the Anet 1.0 controller unfortunately is limited in its memory capacity to 128kb which also need to store the bootloader. Without Optiboot you often need to disable features like SD card support or bed PID so that the new sketch fits into the available board memory. In any case it is advised to get an ISP programmer prior to writing new firmware onto the bord in order to be able to fix a broken bootloader and not be unable to print for a few days (an Arduino or Raspberry Pi can also be used). Search terms for google and ebay are “Arduino ISP Bootloader” and “ISP Programmer”. Another option is to write the firmware without bootloader via the ISP every time. Maximum sizes for the compiled code (a.k.a. sketch or firmware): - Standard AVR Bootloader (stock): 126976 bytes - OptiBoot Loader: 130048 bytes - No Bootloader: 131072 bytes

If you use a Reprap-Full-Discount-LCD with the thingiverse adapter from Oderwat on his Anet 1.0 you need either to change the adapter (which is now pin compatible with the Anet A6) or adapt the pins in pins_ANET_10.h accordingly. Pinouts for all displays, the Anet 1.0 board and adapter variations are at the bottom of pins_ANET_10.h.

…. think about and consider everything you read so far and then continue :D

Now for the actual update:

1) Install AduinoIDE (actual version 1.8.3) - from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software - start ArduinoIDE

2) Install ArduinoIDE support for LCD controller : - Menu item Sketch/Include Library/Manage Libraries… - “Filter your search” filter for 'U8g' , search results 'U8glib by oliver' click 'Install' - U8glib should be installed with the most recent version 1.19.1 - Close Library management - Close ArduinoIDE

3) ArduinoIDE support for Anet controller board: !!! IMPORTANT !!! Use only the most recent version and not one from the Skynet3D packages, since there were errors in code size limitations that lead to broken bootloaders (see the beginning of the document for the fix !) - https://github.com/SkyNet3D/anet-board/archive/master.zip download and unpack - In the just unpacked directory 'anet-board-master' there is a subfolder 'hardware', this folder 'hardware' needs to be copied to your Arduino installation directory. - Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\ - Linux: Home-Verzeichnis/Arduino - OSX: TODO ???

3) Download Marlin: Stable Release Version (most recent 1.1.4), stable but like every software not necessarily bug free (see https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues): - https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/archive/1.1.x.zip download and unzip

Bugfix Version, constantly updated, new features and bug fixes (but sometimes also new bugs) (see https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues) - https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/archive/bugfix-1.1.x.zip

4) Marlin basic configuration: - If you already have a working Marlin/Skynet3D configuration (Configuration.h, Configuration_adv.h) you can reuse it - If not you can use preconfigured configurations from Marlin/example_configurations/Anet/ - Copy the two files (Configuration.h, Configuration_adv.h) to the Marlin directory, overwrite the files that are already there.

5) Update Firmware : - start ArduinoIDE - In the menu 'Tools/Board' you should find a list of supported boards 'Anet V1.0' and 'Anet V1.0 (Optiboot) -select the right board, depending on the type of bootloader you have, if you haven't written any bootloader on purpose, Anet 1.0 is the right choice - Menu 'Tools/Port' chose the USB port that should appear when you connect the board to the PC's USB port. If none appears you are missing the USB drivers. Instructions (in German) can be found here: http://plastikjunkies.de/drucker-per-usb-anschliessen-treiber/ - basically you need to search for drivers CH340 on google and install these - File / Open / select the Marlin.ino file from the Marlin directory - Click Upload ;)

The compilation process might throw error messages that are usually self explanatory, just make the output window a bit larger. Examples:

#error “ABL_GRID_MAX_POINTS_[XY] is now GRID_MAX_POINTS_[XY]. Please update your configuration.” ⇒ search for ABL_GRID_MAX_POINTS_ in Configuration.h and replace with GRID_MAX_POINTS_

#error “(min|max)_software_endstops are now (MIN|MAX)_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS. Please update your configuration.” ⇒ see above ;)

#error “CONTROLLERFAN_PIN is now CONTROLLER_FAN_PIN, enabled with USE_CONTROLLER_FAN. Please update your Configuration_adv.h.” ⇒ … see above

'PROPORTIONAL_FONT_RATIO' was not declared in this scope ⇒ missing Configuration_adv.h #define PROPORTIONAL_FONT_RATIO 1.0

6) …. done :D

Per si de cas el firmware original (.hex).


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